Global Forum on Law Justice and Development
Generating Innovative Legal Solutions to Development Challenges


Progress reports provide regular updates on the progress of the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (Global Forum) since its establishment.

They outline the current activities and key achievements accomplished by Partners. These reports aim at:

  • Helping intellectual partners to decide, based on the latest developments, to join additional Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) and Communities of Practice (CoPs) or switch to different ones.
  • Allowing co-leaders and members of each TWG to have the overall picture of the work of other TWGs, avoid overlaps and identify possible synergies in the elaboration of their respective work programs.
  • Informing potential new Intellectual and Financial Partners.

In view of the above objectives, these reports are not meant to be exhaustive. The website is a source of additional information and the Secretariat is also available to provide details upon request at

For information on future activities look under Themes and Events.