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Compendium of International and National Legal Frameworks on Child Marriage

Author: Emelyne Calimoutou
Contributing Authors: Yuantao Liu, Beverley Mbu

CompendiumChildMarriage_ImageThe Compendium of International and National Legal Framework on Child Marriage ("the Compendium") provides a survey of the key international, regional and national legal instruments as they relate to the right to marry with the full and free consent of the intenting spouses and to the obligation for government to take legislative measures to abolish child marriage.

The Compendium consists of topical chapters with jump links to source documents, such as United Nations conventions, regional treaties, national constitutions and legislations.

Jump links are in bold colored font and can be accessed by pressing CTRL and clicking on the link, which will take the reader to the source document.

Compendium of International and National Legal Frameworks on Child Marriage (pdf)

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