The Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development was initiated by the World Bank and a few development partners, and stemmed from feedback received during the World Bank Law, Justice and Development Week of 2010 about the need for development experts, legal practitioners, policy makers, and academics to stay connected to discuss issues on a more permanent basis and to have opportunities to co-generate innovative solutions to development challenges.

The Global Forum was officially launched during the World Bank Group Law, Justice and Development Week in November 2011, where a first group of founding Partners attended the signing ceremony of the letters of endorsement.

Goals & Objectives

The Global Forum is a permanent forum for knowledge sharing and co-generation where users are empowered to advance culturally sensitive and informed partnerships that enhance knowledge sharing on global and regional/country issues, as well as international issues.

The Global Forum aims at facilitating the identification, discussion, production and/or sharing of innovative and customized legal and institutional tools to address global, regional or national development challenges. It seeks:

  • To strengthen and promote a better understanding of the role of law and justice for a sustainable development through structured North-South and South-South dialogue amongst relevant stakeholders and a research agenda that will facilitate and support the co-generation of knowledge;
  • To better integrate legal and judicial institutions in the development process to increase development effectiveness by carrying out relevant capacity building initiatives;
  • To encourage the cogeneration of innovative legal solutions to development issues and provide actionnable knowledge;
  • To support knowledge dissemination by a free access, use and sharing of legal solutions to development challenges by providing access to an open repository of knowledge;
  • To create an Open Access Publishing to ensure that original intellectual knowledge is freely accessible, making it affordable for practitioners in resource limited environments;
  • To allow for demand driven and participatory knowledge creation and application of solutions, breaking down traditional barriers to knowledge sharing across regions, resource disparities, and areas of expertise.

GFLJD Strategic Statement (February 2015)

The Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development is a network of organizations dedicated to creating legal knowledge that promotes achievement of post-2015 sustainable development goals.  Its activities bring together experts, scholars and practitioners to address the most pressing legal issues in development.  Projects supported by the Global Forum focus on:

  • Legal research and study, production of papers, guidance for the development community, and co-generation of knowledge products;
  • Production of evidence based approaches to solve legal challenges;
  • Pilot activities to identify and apply lessons learned; and
  • New methods to strengthen capacity of local leadership to build effective and efficient legal and judicial systems.

Types of Activities

The Global Forum, through TWGs of partners, focuses on the following legal knowledge activities:

  • Original research through legal and policy analysis.
  • Developing Precedents and guidance
    • Sample agreements, clauses
    • Operational manuals
    • Guidance notes, toolkits, good practices notes, checklists
  • Collecting data such as
    • Reference material
    • Studies and literature
    • Collection of laws, commentaries, comparisons, jurisprudence
    • Collection/drafting of policies
    • Institutional analysis
  • Contacts
    • Experts, peer reviewers
  • Training material & capacity building
  • Other activities to be decided by the Steering Committee and Thematic Working Groups.
  • Knowledge-sharing events, such as LJD Week.