African Programme for the Economic and Social Development( PADES), DR of Congo


African Program for Economic and Social Development

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African Program for Economic and Social Development

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Environment Health Human Development Social Sustainability and Inclusion Technology


13, Sankuru Street

Kintambo Township, Kinshasa



The African Program for Economic and Social Development ( PADES ) is an International Non Governmental Organization in the heart of Africa Registered since June 2013 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and aim to open offices in several African countries in near future. The global objective of PADES is to promote the Economic and Social Development of African people according to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the African Charter on Human and People's Rights.

Specifically, the PADES intend to:

  • Fight against poverty and malnutrition through the promotion of sustainable agriculture that respects the environment;
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and access to fair markets;
  • Encourage the use of new information technologies and communication for sustainable development;
  • Promote health for all;
  • Encourage education of future generations;
  • Participate in the pacification of Africa, the fight against any kind of sexual violence and promotion of gender equality.