Law and Development Program



All Year, Online Training Program

The Law and Development Institute, in collaboration with Emory University Master’s in Development Practice Program, offers the Law and Development Program (LDP), a short-term training course in law and development leading to the Diploma or the Certificate in Law and Development at the election of registrants. The LDP is designed for government officials from both developing and developed countries, professionals from international organizations and NGOs, lawyers, consultants, and students interested in learning the role of law, legal frameworks, and institutions (LFIs) for economic development.

The LDP provides timely instruction on how LFIs affect economic development in key areas such as property rights, business transactions and industrial promotion. The Program will also provide guidance for pro-development legislation in those key areas.

The LDP will give substantial practical value for participating professionals and students. The Program will also offer an excellent overview of law and development and set an excellent foundation for advanced degree such as a master or doctorate programs in relevant areas.

Knowledge in law and/or development will be helpful but not required to enroll in the Program.

All inquiries should be made to the Law and Development Institute by email at

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