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Law and Development: From the Islamic Perspective (2019)

The Law and Development Institute and the University of Dubai College of Law co-host the 2019 Law and Development Conference in Dubai, UAE in collaboration with the Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development facilitated by the World Bank. Over thirty leading and emerging scholars and experts from the Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, East and Southeast Asia, and Latin America present papers on key topics including the role of law and institutions for development in the Islamic world, Islamic perspective in law and development,“law" as a bridge between the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds for development, arbitration and development, and economic crimes in the context of development.

Date: December 7 and 8, 2019 
Venue: University of Dubai, University Center (Conference Room) 

The conference is open to the general public. There is no registration fee, but participants must register online at www.lawanddevelopment.net/registration2019.php no later than November 15, 2019. 

Local contact: Ms. Manar Naufal (email) mnoufal@ud.ac.ae (phone) +971 4 556-6953


Day 1: December 7, 2019







 9:00am–9:30am  Registration 

 9:30am–9:35am  Opening Statement by Prof. Y.S. Lee, The Law and Development Institute  

 9:35am–9:40am  Introductory Remarks by Dr. Mohammad Rababa, University of Dubai  

9:40am–9:45am  Welcome Address by President Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, University of Dubai  

9:45am–10:15am  Keynote Speech: A New Approach to Economic Development: Fighting Economic Crimes and Corruption – Looking at Islamic Law 

Dr. Anicée Van Engeland, Cranfield University, U.K. 

10:15am–11:45pm   Panel 1: The Role of Law and Institutions for Development in the Islamic World 

                                 Chair: Prof. Y.S. Lee, The Law and Development Institute

                                 "The Role of Law in Economic Development Process within the Context of the Islamic                                         World: De-linking Oil and Gas projects and Re-linking Legal Reform"

                                 Dr. Brian-Vincent Ikejiaku, Coventry University, U.K. 

   "Legal Origin and Islamic Finance Development: Further Evidence?"

                                 Dr. Rihab Grassa, Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, UAE 

                                 “Transaction of Sukuk in Dubai: Issues and Challenges” 

                                  Dr. Asma Hakimah binti Ab Halim, University Kebangsaan, Malaysia 

                                 “Position and Jurisdictions of Shari’a Court in the Administration of Islamic Justice in                                           Malaysia” Associate Professor Ramizah Wan Muhammad, International Islamic                                                   University, Malaysia 

                                “In Search of Justice – Can Islamic Law Fulfil Workers’ Rights?”

                                Dr. Mirza Satria Buana, Lambung Mangkurat University, Indonesia 

 11:45am–12:00pm  Q&A Session  

12:00pm–1:30pm   Lunch 

1:30pm–3:10pm   Panel 2: Islamic Perspective in Law and Development 

                             Chair: Dr. Mohammad Rababa, University of Dubai

                             “Building Islamic Ethics into Development: Exploring the Role and Limitations of “Islamic”                                  Microfinance in Poverty Alleviation: An Indonesian Case Study”

                             Associate Professor Salim Farrar & Mr. Tanvir Uddin, University of Sydney, Australia

                            “Integrating an Islamic Perspective into Constitution-Making in Post-Conflict Countries”

                            Ms. Tayná Martins Morais, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies,                                    Switzerland

                            “Islamic Finance as a Catalyst for an Alternative Islamic Approach to Intellectual Property                                  Rights”

                            Dr. Nadia Naim, Birmingham City University, U.K.

                            “The Rise of the Crescent within Kenya's Financial Market”

                            Ms. Lyla Latif, Cardiff University, U.K.

                            “Islamic Banking as an Institution for Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria: The Case                                    for a Framework and Administrative Dexterity”

                            Sub-Dean Simon-Peter Ayooluwa St.Emmanuel, AdekunleAjasin University, Nigeria & Ms.                                  Olanike Sekinat, American University of Nigeria

                            “The Challenges and Perspectives of the Complicated Relationship between Shari’a and                                     Intellectual Property Rights”

                             Mr. Gugliotta Oscar Rosario & Mr. Iaia Vincenzo, Luiss Guido Carli University, Italy

  3:10pm–3:30pm   Q&A Session 

3:30pm–3:45pm  Coffee Break 

3:30pm–3:45pm   Panel 3: "Law" as a Bridge Between the Islamic and non-Islamic Worlds for Development 

                             Chair: Prof. Peter Whelan, University of Leeds, U.K. 

                            “African Traditional Religion and Law-Intersections Between the Islamic and non-Islamic                                     Worlds for Development"

                             Ms. Elizabeth Bakibinga-Gaswaga, Legal Advisor, Commonwealth Secretariat (London) 

                            “The Rise of Distinct Common Law Commercial Zones in Islamic Countries”

                             Dr. Horace Yeung, University of University of Leicester & Dr. Flora Huang, University of                                       Essex, U.K. 

                             “Correlation of Islamic and European Legal Systems in the Field of Regulation of the                                           Franchise Contract” 

                             Assistant Professor Julia Panina, Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine 

                             “Sharia Law and Its Impact on the Development of Muslim and Non-Muslim Business                                         Relations in the UAE” 

                             Ms. Rehanna Nurmohamed, Leiden Law School, The Netherlands 

                             “Framing Access and Exclusion for Arab Countries in WTO Affairs" 

                             Professor Bashar H. Malkawi, former Dean, University of Sharjah, UAE  

  5:15pm–5:30pm  Q&A Session 

  5:30pm–5:45pm  Photo Session, First Day Closing 

  7:00pm–8:30pm  Conference Dinner (speakers and invite guests only) 

Day 2: December 8, 2019

 9:00am–9:30am  Registration / Keynote Speech TBA 
 9:30am–10:40am  Panel 4: Arbitration and Development 
                               Chair: Dr. Ajay Kumar, University of Dubai 

                               “Arbitration and Mediation in the Development Context of Saudi Arabia”
                               Prof. Paul Zwier, Emory University, USA 

                               “The Corporate Duty to Contribute (Sustainable) Development from the Perspective of                                       International Investment Arbitration” 
                               Prof. Nitish Monebhurrun, University Center of Brasília, Brazil 

                               “Some Ideas to Re-evaluate Arbitration to Promote Development through Investment”
                               Mr. Santiago Jose Barbaran, Beccar Varela, Argentina 

                              “Arbitration of Islamic Financial Disputes: Party-Autonomy Based Approach”
                              Dr. Nasiruddeen Muhammad, University of Dubai 
 10:40am–10:50am  Q&A Session  
 10:50am–12:00pm  Panel 5: Economic Crimes in the Context of Development and Rising Issues 
                                 Chair: Prof. Paul Zwier, Emory University School of Law

                                 “Ensuring the Effectiveness of Competition Policy: A Case Study of Cartel Criminalization”
                                 PProf. Peter Whelan, University of Leeds, U.K. 

                                 “Islamic Banking and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance in the UAE"
                                 Dr. Ajay Kumar, University of Dubai 

                                 “Approaching Instability in Thailand’s Deep South with Law and Development”
                                 Dr. Prapin Nuchpiam & Assistant Professor Dhiyathad Prateeppornnarong, National                                           Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Thailand 

                                 “The Impact of Trademarks Protection on Online Keyword Advertising: In the UAE                                               Context”
                                 Dr. Mohammad Rababa, University of Dubai 
 12:00pm–12:15pm  Q&A Session 
 12:15pm–2:00pm   Closing Statement by Prof. Y.S. Lee, The Law and Development Institute, Lunch 

Resource Link: http://www.lawanddevelopment.net/2019Conference.php