International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT)



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The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) has been a partner in the GFLJD for many years. As a GFLJD partner, UNIDROIT is involved in different manners in the Forum: 

UNIDROIT is an intellectual member of the GFLJD Steering Committee. 

UNIDROIT actively involved in the “Human Centered Business Model”- HCBM project as co-leader for Pillar 2 on the Legal Framework and Governance, and organized a Conference in Rome in February 2017. 

UNIDROIT created a “Community of Practice on Contract Farming” linked to our former “Community of Practice on Legal Aspects of Contract Farming” and in this context, had organized (together with partners) two events in 2015 at GFLJD meetings, and now is requesting changing the scope – and title - of our CoP into: “Community of Practice on Private Law and Agricultural Development”. The purpose would be to link up this activity with the various topics of UNIDROIT work and instruments in the agricultural area – reflecting the content of our dedicated webpage: 

In addition to contract farming two other topics feature in the webpage: agricultural land investment contracts, and the financing of agricultural equipment. 

UNIDROIT is presently preparing international rules on the two latter topics, and we shall organize a number of dissemination and consultation events in the coming months. We think that it would be very beneficial to give exposure to these events within the GFLJD and further develop cooperation with present and other potentially interested partner organizations or government entities.