New Challenges for Economic Compensatory Measures into International Public Procurement



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Globalization is transformative in economic, political and social terms. It broadens worldwide existing economic prospects and opens up countries to the growing world market, often revolutionizing their economies. 
In this context, the economic compensatory measures into international public procurement is a growing phenomenon in international trade and is probably one of the most important forms of international cooperation, development and regulation of globalization. 

The term is widely used to describe efforts undertaken by countries and enterprises to set up an economic, scientific or technological cooperation program. It is a way to develop national industries, to encourage technologic and industrial development. 

This involves a framework agreement covering several separate transactions, including transfer of goods and services, transfer of licenses, supply of factories and production lines, subcontractor production, transfer of technology, co-production. 

Over the last twenty years, there have been many examples of cooperation agreements. Such transactions increased today. The Weight of the economic compensatory measures into international public procurement represent today’s in the Global Economy is estimated at 800 (eight hundred) billion USD/year. 

Since the last 3 years, the work of the COP aims to facilitate the identification, discussion, production and/or sharing of innovative and customized legal and institutional tools on economic compensatory measures to address global, regional or national development challenges. Today we propose a comprehensive draft to create a model law based on the UNCITRAL Model Law for public procurement. 

The text is now open for any comments, additional part and suggestions until end of September 2018 in order to propose to UNCITRAL to finalize a global text on international public procurement, what has never been done until now: new challenge in a renewed global geopolitical context. 

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To read the draft click, access Cross Analysis Compensatory Measures in International Public Procurements Contracts


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