Proposal for The adoption of a Model Law on Offsets in the context of Public Procurement.



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A standalone Community of Practice (CoP) dedicated to the compensatory measures in international government procurement contracts was created on the 29th October 2013 in the framework of the GFLJD (Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development). The GFLJD1 is a permanent, global forum, with its Secretariat housed at the World Bank, which seeks to connect experts and stakeholders from around the world, and which provides a mechanism for continual and efficient knowledge exchange as well as for the cogeneration of innovative solutions to development challenges based on efficiency, equity and justice.

The aim of the working group on the compensatory measures in the context of public procurement is to understand the phenomenon of compensatory measures in the context of globalization. Indeed, economic compensation could be an important form of international cooperation, development and regulation of globalization.

The purpose of the CoP on offsets issues is to develop fruitful and constructive dialogue amongst participants, explore different methodological trends and to propose a comprehensive draft proposal fro the adoption of a model instrument based UNCITRAL.